NGA Membership Application Form

If you are an international applicant, please be aware of our international application policy. In order to become a member of the Next Generation Alliance you will need to meet one of us in person or know an NGA member who can recommend you. Please contact the NGA office for further questions. Also, keep your eye out for NGA events in your area and we will do what we can to connect with you.

Personal Information

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Please include one pastor reference and one ministry reference. An e mail reference form will be sent to them to fill out and return to the NGA office. Please let us know if you do not want your references to receive an email from NGA.

Pastor Reference

Ministry Reference


*What else would you like to tell us about yourself? Family, church activities, community service, interests, passions, hobbies.

*What do you hope to offer/receive by entering into a ministry relationship with NGA?

*How did you hear about NGA?

If you know any current members, please list them below.