CityServe PDX

Together, we seek to make disciples and serve our city by loving our neighbor, doing justice, showing mercy, and proclaiming the Gospel.

Be a part of this historic move to engage people in the work of Christ, see God's people experience renewal, restore the reputation of Christ in our communities, and reconcile all people to God. CityServe Portland encourages, equips, and empowers the Body of Christ to love and serve their city through united, long-term efforts focused on the greatest needs.

The life changing message of Jesus Christ, both in word and deed can literally change a community.

Together we pray that Jesus will transform our city for His glory and the people’s joy.

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To make a recurring gift: Decide how much you would like to give, and if you would like to give monthly, semiannually, or annually. Select the appropriate amount below, then select the appropriate time interval. Your gift will be deducted from your account on the same day of the month that you make your original pledge. For example, if you decide on September 1st to give $50 a month, $50 will be withdrawn from your account on the first day of every subsequent month.



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